• Trippie Redd Type MiDi Kit WAV
    April 15th, 2021
    Categories: Patterns MIDI

    Trippie Redd Type MiDi Kit WAV

    Trippie Redd Type MiDi

    HiDERA | 15 April 2021 | 39 MB

    500 MIDI Loops (Melodies)

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    • Imdadkhani Sitar WAV
      April 15th, 2021
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Imdadkhani Sitar WAV

      Imdadkhani Sitar

      HiDERA | 15 August 2020 | 493 MB

      Renowned Indian sitar player demonstrates a comprehensive collection of sitar artistry. We recorded his arresting performance with a Bock 47 – Great River to fully capture every pluck, flutter, and slide, as well as the instrument’s rich overtones. The resulting loops and one-shots are beautiful, varied, and powerful: Mukerjee simultaneously bends notes and time. This pack is especially recommended for use in any tracks that lead to the stratosphere.

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      • Phenotype Vol.1 WAV
        April 15th, 2021
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Phenotype Vol.1 WAV

        Phenotype Vol.1 WAV

        FANTASTiC | 14 December 2020 | 921 MB

        Phenotype Vol.1 features 389 alien impact sound effects with a high-tech aesthetic. A treasure trove of new impacts, stingers, whooshes and hits that can be tailored into electronic music elements such as drums, percussion, transitions and special effects or game elements such as projectile design, weapon effects, motion cues and much more. Phenotype Vol.1 comes with nearly 2GB of 24bit/96kHz .wav audio content that is equally geared toward music production, game audio and multimedia applications. Whether you’re working on a blockbuster sci-fi shooter game, a modern electronic music album or a high-tech multimedia project, you will undoubtedly find this collection to be an indispensable resource.

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        • Shiva One Shot Kit WAV MiDi
          April 15th, 2021

          Shiva One Shot Kit WAV MiDi

          Shiva One Shot Kit

          FANTASTiC | 14 December 2020 | 66 MB

          60 Hyperpop sounds! This is perfect kit for making melodies in the style of Hyperpop, Virtual, Lil Uzi Vert. Swipe left to hear the melodies made with these sounds…

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          • Urban Electronica WAV MiDi MASSiVE
            April 15th, 2021

            Urban Electronica WAV MiDi MASSiVE

            Urban Electronica

            FANTASTiC | 14 December 2020 | 415 MB

            Urban Electronica is a production pack for NI Massive. This sound set is combined with 24 Bit wav Audio. This interesting mix of Audio and presets dives into Deep Textures, Urban Bass Grooves and of course Drums and Effects. In Fact we included 180 Drum-Shots exclusively for this Urban Production Kit. We also combined inspirational Sequences, Modern Drums and Electronic Melodies. Urban Electronica even includes 90 Midi files to twist up our presets your way. Did i mention there are 180 Ni Massive Patches to mess up in your next remix or production? That is correct. You get 180 custom NI Massive presets. The soundset contains Drums, Bass, Keys, Horns, Pads, Risers, Strings, Sequences, Chords and Stabs. Not bad hey. Each Sound in the Demo was created with NI Massive. Even the Drums. You can combine the soundset with our audio, make your tweaks on midi and you’re off. This pack gives you loads of studio possibilities to experiment with. Which is always a good thing when pushing the limits of your music. If you’re looking for a 100% License Free twist of styles. Then maybe Urban Electronica might be what you’re after.

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            • Rare Rhythm Boxes WAV KONTAKT
              April 15th, 2021
              Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT, WAV

              Rare Rhythm Boxes WAV KONTAKT

              Rare Rhythm Boxes

              HiDERA | 15 August 2020 | 355 MB

              Famous and studio-familiar drum machines like the 707 and 808 are legendary, but wouldn’t have come to be without some percussive precursors like the Acetone FR6, the Korg Minipops SR120, and the Wurlitzer Swinging Rhythm. We found these forgotten analog rhythm boxes and recorded them through more analog warmth, then chopped them up into crunchy one-shots and created trap- and boom-bap-inspired loops and some plug-and-play Kontakt instruments, so you can build your beats with the workflow you know.

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              • Acid Experiments WAV-FANTASTiC
                April 15th, 2021
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Acid Experiments WAV

                FANTASTiC | 15 February 2020 | 288 MB

                Acid Experiments is a vast and varied collection of deep multi-faceted sounds that push the boundaries of acid. From dynamic, rich basslines and spaced out chords, to acidic synths, textured beats and a comprehensive collection of fx, these sounds are perfectly set for deep tech house, minimal dub and other electronic genres. Each and every sound within this pack has been crafted utilising a combination of advanced digital sound processing and real-world recording, to deliver a refreshing and authentic sound to outfit your production.

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                • FL Studio PRO EDM PRODUCTiON MEGAPACK
                  April 15th, 2021

                  FL Studio PRO EDM PRODUCTiON MEGAPACK

                  FL Studio PRO EDM

                  P2P | 14 December 2020 | 230 MB

                  .: WAV, MiDi, SPiRE, SYLENTH1, FL STUDiO :.

                  Here is everything you ever looked for or will search in the endless stream of downloadable sample libraries.

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                  • Drum Studio WAV-DiSCOVER
                    April 15th, 2021
                    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                    Drum Studio WAV-DiSCOVER

                    Drum Studio WAV

                    DiSCOVER | October 31 2015 | 262 MB

                    Welcome to ‘Drum Studio’, a collection of live and electronic drum loops in a variety of styles. With over 400 loops ready to drop straight into your productions, this pack serves as a perfect creative starting point and your new go-to library for that elusive rhythm you need to help finish off a track. Featuring a variety of genres including 60s, 70s and 80s Rock, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Surf, Hawaiian and electronic styles such as Glitch, Industrial, Dubstep and Hip Hop, we’ve got you covered with studio-quality intros, outros, variations and fills that’ll keep you coming back for more. Drop into the ‘Drum Studio’ today, it sure beats hiring a session sticksman!

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                    • Urban Music Loops WAV AiFF-AUDiOSTRiKE
                      April 15th, 2021
                      Categories: AiFF, Audio Samples, WAV

                      Urban Music Loops WAV AiFF-AUDIOSTRiKE

                      Urban Music Loops

                      AUDiOSTRiKE | 20/08/2015 | 891 MB

                      The massive collection of loops for urban music production. Including over 330 loops of grooving drum loops, raw synths, piano progressions, timbo style sound effects and more. All 15 original urban music beats are perfectly crafted and built from A to Z into a full production construction kit. The beats feature the main solo instrument representing it’s own color of sound. The list of instruments includes: Cello, Viola, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric 5-string bass, Grand Piano and Saxophone. The fully produced and mixed multi-track beats are provided in construction style format. The separated loops are provided at the original volume level of the full-mix composition and matches the production of the demos. Each loop file is tagged with a suffix A,B,C,D… pointing to the original part of the composition the loop belongs to (e.g Bass-A.wav, Drums-A.wav Synth-A.wav belong to one group).

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