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  • Complete v12 23.11.20 WiN MAC
    23 November 2020

    Complete v12 23.11.20 WiN MAC

    Complete v12 23.11.20 WiN MAC

    WiN (V.R Patch)/ MAC | 23 November 2020 | WiN: 6 GB | MAC: 5.3 GB

    WVS V12 plugins let you resize your plugins so you can view them more easily. V12 also introduces a new preset search engine that lets you find & audition the perfect presets for your tracks, plus more new features. Update now to V12 With the new resizing option in WVS V12, you can choose from magesy download 5 retina-ready GUI sizes – up to 200% – so you can stop squinting, and keep your attention on what matters. You can also customize your own default size per plugin, to make sure that your favorite plugins always open in the size you want. V12 also introduces a lightning-fast preset search engine, so you can find the prefect preset for your tracks more easily than ever. No need to browse manually through preset menus and sub menus – you can now search presets by text, filter them by name, and quickly audition your results.

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    • Toolbox Ultimate v1.8.8 macOS x64 (KED)
      22 November 2020
      Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, VST, VST3, VSTi, x64, x64

      Toolbox Ultimate v1.8.8 AAX AU VST VSTi MAC x64

      Toolbox Ultimate v1.8.8 MAC

      P2P | 22 November 2020 | 517.6 MB

      (x64, AAX, AU, VST, VSTi)

      Toolbox ULTIMATE includes all the snapin hosts to take full advantage of the snapins you now own. Experience the flexibility of endless combinations between the effects and the host plugins! Moving outside of the snapin eco-system, all other KLHs plugins still support the modular workflow in one way or another (except kHs ONE). That’s why we created the KHS Toolbox ULTIMATE which gives you eveything we ever released so you can get as creative as you like. Explore the hundreds of professional factory presets throughout these plugins by various professional preset makers and artists from magesy download around the world (but mostly Germany by some fluke). Just Phase Plant alone has over 400 carefully curated presets to start you off before getting into modifying, and creating your own.

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      • Radiator v1.10 AU VST AAX RTAS macOS-OPENSSH
        22 November 2020
        Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, RTAS, VST

        Radiator v1.10 AU VST AAX RTAS macOS-OPENSSH

        Radiator v1.10 macOS

        OPENSSH | 29.05.2015 | 88.68 MB

        Introducing Radiator, a dual drive tube input channel and EQ, based on the classic Altec 1567A tube mixer from magesy download the 1960s. The original Altec 1567A hardware was a rack-mounted five-input tube mixer with removable transformers, a simple two-knob EQ, an unmistakable green faceplate, and a whopping 97 dB of gain. The sound, by todays standards, is colored and gritty, with a heaping helping of good old fashion hardware noise. In its day, it was used on many early Motown hits, and found its way into the PA racks of countless churches and school auditoriums across the USA. Radiator brings the classic Altec tube sound to desktop recording rigs, capturing the distinctive warmth and punch of the original hardware. Featuring the modeled bass and treble tone controls from magesy download the original unit, a mix control for easy parallel processing, and the saturation and harmonic effects of the original hardwares input and output amplifiers. All of these different circuit elements interact, allowing a wide range of tones to be created with just a few simple knobs. Plus we let you decide if the original noise is on or off.

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        • Devil-Loc Deluxe v1.0.9 AU VST AAX RTAS macOS-OPENSSH
          22 November 2020
          Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, RTAS, VST

          Devil-Loc Deluxe v1.0.9 AU VST AAX RTAS MAC OSX-OPENSSH

          Devil-Loc Deluxe v1.0.9 MAC

          OPENSSH | 29.05.2015 | 80.24 MB

          A crushing, pounding, aggressive compressor for massive drums

          The evil analog level destroyers are here. Devil-Loc and Devil-Loc Deluxe are a twist inspired by the classic Shure Level-Loc mic limiter. These plug-ins add huge sucking compression, grit, dirt, distortion, and take drums (but try it anywhere) to a wonderful hellish nightmare. It’s not for the faint of heart.

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          • Helix Native v3.0.0 AAX VST VST3 x64 WiN CE-V.R
            22 November 2020
            Categories: AAX, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

            Helix Native v3.0.0 AAX VST VST3 x64 WiN CE-V.R

            Helix Native v3.0.0 WiN x64

            Team V.R | 21 November 2020 | 28.8 MB

            ..:: Win64: AAX VST3 VST ::..

            Guitar and effects processor in a plug-in format.

            Helix® Native delivers the power and tonal authenticity of award-winning HX Modeling technology in a plug-in. Like the hardware members of the Helix family of guitar processors—Helix Floor, Helix Rack, and Helix LT—the Helix Native plug-in features accurate recreations of vintage and modern amplifiers, speaker cabinets, microphones, and effects, as well as extensive signal-routing capabilities and an intuitive user interface. Not just for guitarists, the Helix Native plug-in is also ideal for producers and engineers, sound designers, film/TV/game composers, electronic musicians, and anyone else seeking to craft new and exciting sounds and special effects. And preset compatibility across the entire Helix family allows Helix hardware users to bring studio-created sounds to the stage by simply transferring their plug-in presets to their Helix Floor, Helix Rack, or Helix LT processors.

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            • GHZ v3.5.0 Bundle AAX VST VST3 WiN CE-V.R
              21 November 2020
              Categories: AAX, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


              GHZ v3.5.0 Bundle WiN

              TEAM V.R | 27.09.2019 | 48.08 MB

              Simple Interfaces & Good Audio.

              GHZ is an audio software company that currently makes audio plugins and licenses audio algorithms.

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              • PlexiTape v1.1.0 WiN MAC-R2R
                20 November 2020
                Categories: AU, macOS, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64


                PlexiTape v1.1.0 WiN MAC

                Team R2R | Sept 26 2019 | WiN: 48 MB | OSX: 47 MB

                WiN64: VST/VST3/AAX(MODiFiED) | MAC: AU/VST/VST3

                PlexiTape is a faithful analog modeled simulation of the *Maestro® Echoplex® EP-3™ vintage tape echo that made THE SOUND of the ’70s for its tone and reliability. We put special care on modelling this unit on every aspect: motor, tape, FET preamplifier, heads and even the infamous “Sound On Sound”. SOS allows you to use bypass the echo and therefore use the tape as a looping recorder. Furthermore, we expanded it with new features including a full stereo double delay line, tempo sync and more.

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                • Code Operator Delay Pack v1.1 VST x86 WiN-H2O
                  19 November 2020
                  Categories: VST, WiNDOWS, x86

                  Code Operator Delay Pack v1.1 VST x86 WiN-H2O

                  Code Operator Delay Pack v1.1 WiN

                  Team H2O | 10-06-2005 | 8 MB

                  DelayPack from magesy download developer CodeOperator is a package with very useful VST delay plugins for Windows.

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                  • WOK BFS-1 Frequency Shifter v1.0 VST WiN x86-ST3RE0
                    19 November 2020
                    Categories: VST, WiNDOWS, WOK, x86

                    WOK BFS-1 Frequency Shifter v1.0 VST WiN x86-ST3RE0

                    BFS-1 Frequency Shifter v1.0 WiN

                    TEAM ST3RE0 | 10 NOVEMBER 2010 | 26.6 MB

                    The BFS-1 is a VST emulation of the famous Bode frequency shifter.

                    The original unit was available as an expensive module for the Moog™ modular system. The frequency shifter is not a pitch shifter, which changes frequencies by a multiplikation. Instead it shifts all frequencies/harmonics by adding a fixed amount. The sound reminds to a ring modulator, but unlike this, it is possible to get the upshifted and downshifted signal seperately. Unlike a ring modulator, the frequency shifter is also capable of changing the signal by a low amount, e.g. 1 Hz, to obtain effects known as “Barberpole flanging”.This plugin has some additional features like delays for each section, an LFO (all host synced), an envelope with MIDI trigger and an envelope follower to modulate shift and/or volume. Included is a version with a smaller GUI for laptops and an extra version with 2x oversampling.

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                    • Antares Tube v1.02 VST x86 WiN-ArCTiC
                      19 November 2020
                      Categories: VST, WiNDOWS, x86

                      Antares Tube v1.02 VST WiN-ArCTiC

                      Antares Tube v1.02 VST WiN

                      TEAM ArCTiC | 05-06-2003 | 4.25 MB

                      Give your digital tracks a heavenly warmth. Or something a whole lot hotter. Whether you want to burnish your tracks to an angelic warmth or heat things up with some rich, devilish distortion, Antares’s Tube plug-in gives you the tools to create a wide range of modeled analog tube effects. Based on technology from magesy download Antares’ multi-award-winning Microphone Modeler plug-in, Tube is incredibly easy to use and so DSP efficient that even a modest native system will support dozens of tracks’ worth. (In informal tests, a Mac PowerBook G4 400MHz was able to provide well over 40 instances of Tube.) And with an astonishingly low price, you won’t have to sell your soul to afford it.

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