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  • MAGiX Soundpool DVD Colletion Vol.21 WAV
    17 November 2020

    MAGiX Soundpool DVD Colletion Vol.21 WAV

    MAGiX Soundpool DVD Colletion Vol.21

    VLAD | Oct 17 2014 | 4.50 GB

    New ideas by the dozen: More than 6 GB of professionally-produced sounds & loops from magesy download various genres give you all you need for producing music in studio quality. For use with any music software for PC or Mac. k8,000 sounds studio quality. All audio files in lossless WAV format (16-bit / 44.1 kHz / Stereo) License and royalty-free for use for non-commercial purposes All sounds are organized into practical categories For Win and Mac.

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    • Soundpool Trap: Future Bass Anthem WAV
      27 October 2020

      Soundpool Trap: Future Bass Anthem WAV

      Soundpool Trap: Future Bass Anthem

      P2P | 26 October 2020 | 913.41 MB

      Future Bass Anthem by MAGIX is a fabulous feat of modern production techniques and masterful crafting. This magnificent soundpool has all the soaring chords and synths, catchy chip sounds, epic risers, downsweeps and side-chained basslines producers need to create tracks that are 100% future bass. Future bass appeared in the mid-2000s as producers in the US, UK, Korea, and Japan took EDM out of the clubs and developed it online. Masters like RL Grime, Flume, Krane, X Jupo, Marshmello and The Chainsmokers continue to inspire new talent with tracks filled with massive synths, plugs, and low-frequency oscillator drops. Future Bass Anthem by MAGIX – a must for fans of the festival season sound.

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      • Soundpool Pop Rock: New World WAV
        27 October 2020

        Soundpool Pop Rock New World WAV

        Soundpool Pop Rock: New World

        P2P | 26 October 2020 | 1.01 GB

        Prepare to be inspired, reinvigorated and renewed for your next step into a brave new world with the pop-rock soundpool “New World” from magesy download MAGIX. Unrelentingly and unashamedly hopeful with a powerful lead guitar blended with rhythmic grand pianos, this one is designed to move you in both form and spirit. Taking inspiration from magesy download Mumford and Sons, Coleman Hell, and Twenty One Pilots, “New World” from magesy download MAGIX invites you to dispense with all forms of cynicism for three minutes and ten seconds, a brief but jiveyinterval during which you can imagine how your new world could someday come to be. Take a chance, tap your feet and raise a glass to inspiring vocals rising to a vigorous crescendo.

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        • Soundpool: Metal Heavens Call WAV
          27 October 2020

          Soundpool Metal Heavens Call WAV

          Soundpool Metal: Heavens Call

          P2P | 26 October 2020 | 941.18 MB

          Distorted, energetic guitar riffs and fast bass licks meet hard drums. Besides the memorable guitar solos, it’s the melodic vocals that stay with you for hours.This Soundpool shows once again just how versatile Metal is!

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          • Soundpool Hip Hop Official WAV
            26 October 2020

            Soundpool Hip Hop Official WAV

            Soundpool Hip Hop: Official

            P2P | 26 October 2020 | 965.64 MB

            Dusty samples, raging bass and raw drums bring the sound to the streets.

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            • Soundpool EDM: Discharge WAV
              26 October 2020

              Soundpool EDM: Discharge WAV

              Soundpool EDM: Discharge

              P2P | 25 October 2020 | 1.17 GB

              “Discharge” by MAGIX will transport you to the raves and parties of the 90s and 00s. This exciting and original collection of samples evokes a time when electronic dance music was in its infancy while retaining all the sparky energy and full-on vibes that define EDM today. Turn it on. Turn it up. Freak out. This EDM tune follows the tracks laid down by artists like Tiesto and it does the job of getting crowds moving with its snapping claps, synths full of raging party and rolling basslines. When the didgeridoo kicks in, there’s no holding back. EDM had its roots in European rave culture before exploding on to the US scene in the 2000s. Today, internationally-acclaimed artists like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, and Afro Jack continue to inspire fans with new tracks. Add supersaw pop chords, sirens, pitched sequences and more to your own tracks with “Discharge”, a precisely crafted collection of outstanding samples.

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              • ACiD Pro v10 Suite x64 WiN-R2R

                ACiD Pro v10 Suite WiN

                Team R2R | 27 Feb 2020 | APP: 573.4 MB | CONTENT: 18.44 GB

                ACID Pro 10 – where creativity meets inspiration. The DAW for all producers who demand the highest standards for their music productions.Made for producers who can tell the difference. It’s that magic moment again. You hear a song on the radio and you just can’t wait to sample or remix it. True inspiration. With ACID Pro, you will be able to sketch that idea and turn it into a finished track faster than any other DAW. Its unique workflows, innovative features and professional tools were designed specifically for loop- and sample-based music production. Compose, arrange, record, mix and master. But most importantly: be creative. Experience ACID Pro.

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